Tennessee Dog Guard is here to keep your hounds around!

franklin, tn


 Hi everyone!  I am a 6 month old Great Pyrenees who will be roaming freely soon!  My name is Frank and Mike from Tennessee Dog Guard installed an out of sight pet fence in my yard.  I live in a beautiful home in Frankin on the top of a mountain with a driveway that is almost a mile long.  I am looking forward to finishing my training and being able to run all over my property very soon. 

Company overall performance ***** 

thompson station, tn


 Hi guys, I am thrilled now.  My name is Heidi and I live on a farm in Thompson Station.  Mike from Tennessee Dog Guard customized and installed a new out of sight pet fence only in my yard and I can run free on acres that have an above ground fence behind the house.  Very cool how he did it and I love it now, free from the road where cars go by fast yet have full run of back acreage.  Tennessee Dog Guard is great, call Mike now at 615-788-2175.

Company overall performance:  *****

Cumberland County, tn


Meet Cara from Cumberland County Tennessee. Cara is very happy to be able to run freely in yard, and visit her friend down the street who also has a Dog Guard Underground fence which we installed a few years ago. Call Mike today for your free estimate (615) 788-2175.

Company overall performance:  *****

middle michigan


 Hi everyone down south, my name is Booger.  Mike from Tennessee Dog Guard visited my home in the middle of Michigan and installed a fence on my five acres of lawn.  I now run free and chase the birds, squirrels or whatever else comes into my property.  I'm not very fast but can scare the heck out of everyone.

Thanks for coming up north to snow country!

Company overall performance:  *****

Cookeville, TN


 My name is Nahla and I reside in a beautiful golf course community in Cookeville, Tennessee. A tractor broke our underground fence and Mike with Tennessee Dog Guard came out to repair it.  I'm happy to be running free in my yard and I'm safe again.  Call Mike today for your free estimate on a new fence or to repair your old one!  (615-788-2)

Company overall performance: *****

Winchester, TN


Hi!  We're Enzi (small shepherd) and Judah from Winchester TN, and we're loving our newly found freedom since Mike installed a new underground pet fence in our big yard!  

Call him today for your free estimate.  (615) 788-2175.

Company overall performance: *****

brentwood, tn


Hi!  I'm a beautiful fluffy Rottie in Brentwood.  Mike installed an underground pet fence and I love it. I'm free to roam safely in my backyard now.  

Call Mike for your freedom yard!    

Company overall performance:  *****

Lascassas, tn


Hi, I'm from Lascassas, TN and Mike with Tennessee Dog Guard Installed a new underground pet fence for me and I'm now able to run freely in my large yard out in a beautiful country setting.  Check with Mike for you free quote.

Company overall performance:  *****

spring hill, tn


 Hello my name is Hoss, I am a black golden doddle. I have become an escape artist, from my fenced in back yard in Spring Hill. Mike from Tennessee Dog Guard has me staying in my yard now safe from street traffic.

Company overall performance:  *****

Center hill lake, tn


Hi everyone my name is Bella, I am a beautiful 4 month old Doberman.  I have a beautiful log home overlooking Center Hill Lake.  Tennessee Dog Guard took very good care of me.  Mike installed a nice underground fence to keep me in my yard and also sold me a Seresto Flea, Tick and Lice collar so the darn bugs don't bother me in the summer.  The fence is great.  Call Mike today for a free estimate at 615-788-2.

Company overall performance:  *****

Hermitage, tn


Tennessee Dog Guard completed the new installation of  an underground dog fence in Hermitage, Tennessee for us. Now we (Lacy and Mattie) can run free in our own yard! Call Mike today for your free estimate! (615) 788-2175.

Company overall performance:  *****

murfreesboro, tn


I'm Atticus, a beautiful standard puppy who is thrilled to be running freely in my own yard. Thanks Mike, with Tennessee Dog Guard, for installing my new underground pet fence in Murfreesboro today! Call today for your free estimate (615) 788-2175. 

Company overall performance:  *****

Rockvale, tn


Meet Captain from Rockvale, Tennessee who is now running free in his newly protected Tennessee Dog Guard yard!  Call Mike today for a free estimate on your out of sight fence and/or pet door or ramp.  (615) 788-2175.

Company overall performance:  *****

goodletsville, tn


Tennessee Dog Guard just completed a 1000 plus foot underground fence today in my home in rural Goodletsville.  Our Standard Poodle (Kingsberry) was on a fence many years ago. He came outside sat down and just looked at the flags.  We put his collar on and he was happy running in his huge yard. Thanks Mike for making our Kingsberry so happy!

Company overall performance:  *****

brentwood, tn


Hello my name is Briggs!  I'm a good looking golden retriever and I just moved to Brentwood from Charlotte.  Mike and his helper installed and underground pet fence in my back yard so I have freedom to run safely.  Give Mike a call, he did a great job and does free estimates.  (615) 788-2175

Company overall performance: *****

brentwood, tn


I'm Yoda and reside in Brentwood where Mike from Tennessee Dog Guard recently installed a new out of sight fence so I can roam safely in my yard.

Company overall performance:  *****

crossville, tn


Dawnster is a big male Bull Dog is now safe in his own yard in Crossville.  Dawnster loves to visit the neighbors (two girl boxers). No more girls for Dawnster, and he is now safe away from traffic also.

Company overall performance:  *****

Country, tn


 My name is Boomer and I am a year old Bloodhound.  Mike installed a new underground pet fence so I can now run around freely in my country back yard.  Call Mike, he installed a great product and did it really quickly.

Company overall performance:  *****

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